This blog was born as the collection of mathematical objects displayed in the Math as Art section of my business site began to grow to an unwieldy size.

I decided that a set of 40 objects was more than sufficient to get across the idea that the study of mathematics was at least as much a creative/artistic pursuit as an intellectual one.

But I'd collected many more than that.

What to do with all the other cool images I'd come up with?

Ignore them? Delete them? Try to shoo them away?

How could I?

Like a cat lady incapable of turning away feral felines, I simply decided to take them all in and give them a home.

Of course, that only made things worse. As wild things do, they quickly began to multiply. And multiply.

It soon became clear that limits of some kind would have to be accepted.



1. Art displayed will be visual representations of mathematical ideas ("objects") – principally 2D and 3D relations.

2. For each object, the essential math involved will be recognizable to someone who's recently passed an honors precalculus course.

3. Image processing will be restricted to color manipulation.


With order thus imposed, this collection's natural growth can now proceed free from the crippling chaos of "anything goes."

Hope you enjoy visiting with the cats ... uh ... objects.

Please leave comments!

It's all math. And math is art.

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